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Low Carbon Club


Low Carbon Club members will have the opportunity to trial and test products, services and new innovations/technologies on a FREE OF CHARGE basis from private sector partners of the conference to collect (EBA) Evidence Based Analysis which can then be used to educate other Low Carbon Club Members of their success in a live project environment.

Pilot Partners:

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CircoSense3000 was conceptualised to reduce amount of energy currently wasted in secondary return hot water systems, which are installed in commercial buildings:

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Centre
  • Care Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centres

CircoSense can reduce energy consumption by as much as 40% on secondary return hot water systems, and  works by using innovative cognitive technology to learn the hot water usage pattern of a building, firstly gathering a baseline reading and then using this data to predict the hot water usage moving forward.

The smart technology of CircoSense then ensures that hot water is always available on demand, whilst turning off the pump when not required.

Case Studies:


West College Scotland saw a 41% reduce in gas consumption for hot water at their Clydebank Campus during a “Proof of Concept” trial – read our West College Scotland case study (CLICK LINK)


The Normandy Hotel reduced their hot water costs by 35.8% and reduced their annual carbon emissions by 13.72 tonnes – find out more by reading our Normandy Hotel case study  (CLICK LINK)


The Cargen Tower building fitted CircoSense as a “Proof of Concept” trial and achieved a saving of 48% on the costs of heating hot water – read our Cargen Tower case study to find out more (CLICK LINK)

For more information on how CircoSense can help reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions, or interested in piloting the product for your project then please contact


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