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Objective and purpose of the Association

  • Increase the flow of information between Members to jointly tackle obstacles and jointly develop knowledge, understanding and good practice concerning District Energy and other related matters.
  • Establish and enhance national (especially Government and public) recognition and acceptance of the benefits that District Energy Schemes can deliver.
  • Within the boundaries of commercial confidentiality share with local authorities, other public sector bodies and community groups, information on District Energy schemes and their development, operation and expansion.
  • Engage, consultants and partners as appropriate, with relevant government advisory and regulatory bodies, and other Trade Associations, to drive the strategy and future direction of District Energy development and related government policy in the UK. For example by
    1. Responding to consultation papers
    2. Consulting with, and urging government for appropriate support mechanisms for District Energy
    3. Consulting with government to ensure that any regulatory frameworks support and do not hinder the development of district energy in the UK
  • Taking a lead role in the formulation of the proposed regulations relating to the development and operation of heat networks in the UK, including offering a representative of the ukDEA to sit on any steering committees or similar formed by DECC, DCLG or OFGEM in relation to these issues


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